Family Law

Resolve Your Custody Case in Carmel, NY

Resolve Your Custody Case in Carmel, NY

Keep your child’s best interests in mind with the help of a skilled attorney

Separation from your spouse is emotionally taxing—and it’s even more so when you have children to think about. You don’t have to make your children choose between you and your partner. Find common ground with the help of Christopher X. Maher, Esq., LLC.

Discover a custody arrangement that works for both sides of your family. Our law office will help you negotiate for fair and well-balanced custody provisions. Ready to get started on your custody case? Call Christopher X. Maher today.

Get the most out of your child support case

Are you battling an ex for child support? It’s frustrating when a partner can’t provide the support your child needs. You don’t have to bear the financial burden yourself. Make sure you’re not the only party paying their fair share. Call our law office today at 845-228-5100 for a consultation.